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Health and wellbeing

Learning about health and wellbeing

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Health and wellbeing has been a priority funding area for the Big Lottery Fund over the past decade, and we have funded a number of programmes including:

Within these programmes, we have funded thousands of projects targeting:

  • Positive mental health
  • Good physical health
  • Good eating habits
  • Strong social networks.

Through these and other programmes, we have sought to understand the improvements in health and wellbeing as measured through indicators such as anxiety levels, life satisfaction scores, healthy eating habits and physical activity levels.

In 2003, we reviewed the learning we gathered from the previous 12 years of programmes and evaluations and produced: Answering BIG questions: Impacts and lessons learned from our evaluations and research (see chapter 3 for more information on our learning around health and wellbeing).

In this section, you will find an outline of some of the significant learning from more recent evaluations of our funding programmes with links to more detailed reports. You can use our learning too to plan projects that get the best results.